Pakistani Girls To Celebrate Hijab Day (Scarf Day) on 14 February

Pakistani girls from University of Karachi have decided to celebrate Hijab Day (Scarf Day) on 14th February (Valentines Day) to protest against Valentines Day by wearing Hijb. It will show the importance of Pardah to all Muslims.

Muslims countries have knew the importance of scarf (Hijab) and disavdantages of Valentines Day. Our Muslim girls and boys must be against this traditional day, when girl went out to exchange Valentines gifts with their boyfriends, while there is no concept of girlfriend and boyfriend in Islam.

Universities from Karachi, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan has taken the credit to observe the importance of scarf in Islam, as they are going to celebrate Hijab Day, when few people will be celebrating the Valentines Day, which is against the traditions of Islam.

The Pakistani girls from several universities will be protesting against Valentines day on 14 February 2013 by wearing Hijab (scarf). The girls students have taken the good step for the welfare of mankind, whereas our new generation does not know about the disadvantages of Valentines day. Pakistani fashion industry should also promote the scarves and Hijabs in latest fashion trends.


Last time the International Hijab Day was celebrated by the Muslim countries including Pakistan on 14th September, where girls were wearing the Hijab, and now the girls and women are very much curious about Hijab day on Valentines day. They will celebrate it will full zeal and zest.

Pakistani media must also stop from promoting the Valentines day on TV channels, as it is not the tradition of Muslims. We wish best of luck to the female students, who have taken a good and initial step towards a good community. Pakistani media anchors must also know from female anchors from other Muslim Countries, who appear in Hijab during news casting.

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