Pakistani Girls From Lahore Involved In Prostitution – Jurm Bolta Hai

Exclusive Program of ARY Jurm Bolta Hai has revealed the young Pakistani girls from Lahore involved in prostitution. These prostitute girls are working for money or anything else, you can see in the exclusive report of ARY on prostitute girls. This prostitution business is raising up day by day in Pakistan. This report has been conducted in Lahore, where young girls are involved in prostitution business, not just for money but also for their sexual satisfaction.

In this exclusive report of ARY Jurm Bolta Hai, the reporter met prostitute young Pakistani girls from Lahore and shemales, and they told that they are not willing to do the work, but they did prostitution due to meet the daily expenses of their homes and food. In addition to it they also revealed a fact that the girls from the elite class of Pakistan are also involved in prostitution not for money but to meet their sexual desires. Whereas the role of police is concerned, they also revealed that police officer and officials often invited them without paying them, and they also pay monthly charges to the police officers for not taking any action against them. The hidden truth about prostitute girls has been revealed in this video report.


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  1. But a some Pakistani girls have no way of earning so they decided it as a short cut.

  2. Yes you are right, some girls are involved in prostitution just because of their sexual desires, not for the money.

    • some girls are involved in sex just to full fil their sexual desire like me.i am not a prostitute but I have many boy friends and I love group sex

  3. there are some call girls in Pakistan who are involved in this business, they can do anything for money.

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