Pakistani Girls and Dance Parties in Colleges

Dancing Pakistani Girls are usually found during the dance parties in colleges, schools and universities. Another leaked video has come up to the media, in which Pakistani girls are dancing in vulgar dresses. It has become the trend in private colleges that they arrange events, while girls and boys both are presents at the same time. They are usually found during singing, dancing and other vulgar activities in colleges.

I have seen several leaked videos of Pakistani girls dancing in dance parties in colleges and universities. They usually appear in a worst and short dresses on these events. The private colleges are expensive and mostly the elite class is getting admission in these colleges. They are just promoting the vulgarity to promote their educational business, as more and more students get admission in these colleges and universities. Hence our government and education ministry should take serious notice of these vulgar activities and events in the colleges. These activities are against the values of Islam, and these girls are actually presenting the Pakistan on the social networking sites, and it is harmful for the honor and dignity of Pakistan. The dance parties in colleges should be stopped, as the students are going far from study and taking keen interest in these events.


After watching this video, it seems that the vulgarity in colleges and universities at its top. The Girls should also think upon their family status and values, and they should not take a part in these vulgar and controversial activities. Several videos of Pakistani girls are roaming over the web, but the girls should stop, as it is not an honorable work. You should have a look on the following leaked video of college, in which girls are dancing and enjoying the music.

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