Pakistani Fashion Model Mehreen Syed Injured in an Accident

LAHORE: Pakistani Fashion Model and Actress Mehreen Syed got injured into a road accident while traveling in her car.

According to the sister of Mehreen Syed, she was on her way from Lahore to Sialkot for a fashion photo shoot, when suddenly a car coming from the opposite side collided with her car, leaving her seriously injured and giving her serious wounds. The fashion Model Mehreen was immediately taken to a nearest private hospital, which is located Defense Area of Lahore (DHA), and according to the doctors, her condition is better now, and she is out of danger.


The Beautiful Mehreen Syed has done a lot of fashion shoots in Pakistan, and is a leading actress of the country. She has now offer for a Bollywood Movie from the Indian Film Director Puran Singh Chauhan, for which she is making her mind to appear on the big screen at Bollywood Cinemas. Mehreen Syed has already done a lot of fashion shows on different TV channels and for different fashion designers. The news that Mehreen is going to Bollywood for a new upcoming movie, is roaming over the social networking site and people are searching about the latest stuff about the fashion model Mehreen Syed.

Mehreen Syed is now injured in a road accident while she was traveling from Lahore to Sialkot in her car to attend some fashion shows or photo shoots. But according to the doctors she will get back soon, as her condition is being improved. She is one of the super female fashion models of Pakistan.

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  1. She shall get well soon.

  2. I am a big fan of Beautiful Model Mehreen Syed. She will get well soon and up to the showbiz.

  3. The beautiful model has contributed a lot in Pakistani Showbiz Industry, so we shall pray for her to get well soon.

  4. She is a stunning and gorgeous model of Pakistani showbiz industry, she will get well soon.

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