Pakistani Doctors Leaving Country – A New Scandal

Due to a critical time on Pakistani Doctors, they are leaving Pakistan, and being settled in foreign countries. Pakistan is now facing acute shortage of qualified doctors in the country. Medical is is field that if someone want to become a doctor, but having low income resources, one can’t become a doctor. The medical studies in the Pakistan are costly and being provided to only those peoples who can afford it. If Government implement some rules and reduce the university fee for medical students, a huge number of students can become doctors.


Law for Pakistani Doctors

In last few years, a huge number of Pakistani Doctors have left Pakistan and providing services in the other countries. There is no law for any doctor here in Pakistan. If Government make a law that fresh Pakistani Doctors will serve in Pakistan for first few years after completing their studies, then we will have qualified doctors in our hospitals. Doctors law must be implemented in the country, otherwise the condition of the hospitals will be bad in future.

Pakistani Doctors on Strike

The situation is too bad now in the country that the doctors mostly remain on strike due to many problems. But the major problem is salaries of doctors are low in Pakistan, specially in government sector. This is the main reason that the doctors think about to go abroad for providing their services in foreign countries. In last few months the Pakistani doctors were on the hit list at media and news due to their heavy strikes. The reason behind the continuous strikes is salary i.e. lower than that in foreign countries. So government should raise the salaries of its doctors, so that the proper medical services by the experts could be hired in the country.

Pakistani Doctors in Arab Countries

The Arab countries have become the destination of Pakistani doctors, and most of our doctors search for an opportunity to go abroad specially in Arab Countries, because they pay them more than the Pakistani salary. This is a better opportunity for the doctors and they avail it by going foreign. Arab countries search the doctors from all over the world to hire their services in their countries. So Pakistani doctors being a national asset going abroad and leaving Pakistan, and the rate of this trend is increasing day bay day. If we offer the reasonable salaries to the doctors, so we can prevent them for going abroad for employment purpose.

The above points are telling that the doctors should be provided with the good housing job, good practice environment, good salaries and good job criteria. Keeping in view the above parameters and doctors’ scandals, Pakistani government should personally intervene in this matter and take measures to retain our doctors in the country. More than 30000 doctors have left Pakistan in past few years, and our hospital are not equipped with qualified doctors. Many people go abroad to hire their services even they are Pakistani in origin. This is not a good situation, and it is being more critical day by day. We should tackle this position, by requesting our government to raise the salaries of Pakistani Doctors.


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  1. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  2. We want to work for Pakistan. We want to provide our services in the country. We want to live here with our parents and family. But we are not being facilitated at all. If the reasonable salaries are given to the doctors, they will never leave their motherland i.e. Pakistan.

  3. If the Pakistani doctors are facilitated with all the desired things and equipments, they will not leave the Pakistan.

  4. The dignity of doctors is also decreasing in Pakistan, that is why they are leaving their parent country i.e. Pakistan

  5. If we are given the best facilities, then no doctor will go on strike and leave Pakistan.

  6. The Pakistani government should announce some relaxations for the doctors.

  7. Pakistani doctors will never leave the country, if they are satisfied by giving the desired wages and salaries on time.

  8. Why you are talking about the Pakistani doctors, the only problem is that the Pakistan never think about the talent.

  9. You know the Pakistani doctors are the world famous doctors and providing the best services in the field, therefore the foreigners always think to higher a Pakistani Doctor.

  10. If they are provided with the best facilities, they will never leave Pakistan.

  11. The only problem with Pakistani doctor is Pakistan is not recognizing the worth of doctors as Pakistani doctors are the national asset of Pakistan who are leaving the parent country day by day.

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