Pakistani Actress Noor Third Divorce Scandal

According to a local newspaper, Pakistani actress Noor is getting divorce for third time and leaving her third husband. The scandal or rumor is not confirmed yet. She might have some conflict with her husband and due to daily quarrel and disputes; she has decided to leave her husband by getting divorce from him.

Noor Bukhari’s mother told media that her daughter has some disputes with her husband on daily life issues. They are convincing Noor to live with her husband, but she is all set to take divorce, as she does not want to live any more with her husband.

Noor has married for the three times in her life. Her first husband was a Hindu boy named Vikram. Due to some reasons, a fire of fight was ignited between Noor and Vikram. A fight was also recorded by the Nadia Khan show in UAE Dubai. The people were abusing and disliking Noor at that time, as she was married to a Hindu guy, while she belongs to Muslim religion. Hence the marriage was ended with divorce. Shaista Wahidi divorce and Nadia Khan divorce were also happened in 2012, and this divorce news of Noor is creating more controversies in Pakistani morning shows anchors and hosts. The Pakistani actress Noor’s wedding pictures were also roaming over the social media like Facebook and Twitter, while this scandalous news has come up with some controversies.


Pakistani film actress and TV host of morning show, Noor got married to producer and director Farooq Mengal in 2010, and her married life could only remain for 4 months, as Noor got divorce from him. Afterwards Noor got married to Awn Chaudhry, and gave birth to a baby girl. It was second marriage of Awn Chaudhry, and he already had two children from previous wife. Noor has now some conflict and disputes with her husband Awn Chaudhry, and it is heard that she is not willing to live with him, and demanding for divorce from her husband.

Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari’s third marriage is in danger, as she is getting divorce. In Pakistan some actresses and celebrities are getting divorce from their husbands, while some have been involved in divorce scandals by their rivals. Last time their was a divorce rumor of Mahira Khan, while the news was fake.


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