Pakistani Actress Nargis Offered 1 Million for Murder Case

Lahore: The central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of Pakistan arrested a paid killer, who was accused of killing a person for Rs. 0.2 Million. After conducting the thorough investigation, the accused revealed the fact saying that the sexy and sizzling Pakistani stage actress Nargis had relationship with the paid killer and she offered money to for the killing of a person i.e. Juna Butt. He also added “I observed my target for almost three days, but later the plan was aborted as the actress failed to pay the amount.


Nargis is a big name in the Pakistani film Industry as well as the theater dramas. The stage actress are usually arrested for spreading the vulgarity in the theater. They almost shows the weird and seductive acts, and this vulgarity becomes the reason behind their arrest. It is also a fact that they always make relations with the so called personalities and rich persons, who can compete with their desires. A lot of Pakistani stage dancers have made their huge assets by victimizing the rich boys to have affair with them. They used a lot of men to go up in the race of money and popularity, so it is the main reason behind their enmity, as sometimes these loving relations converts to the enmity. So Nargis is accused for giving the money for killing a person.

The police said that it is all set to lodge an FIR against the Pakistani actress Nargis on the application of the target victim Juna Butt. The case is simple that he has given the money or offered the money for killing a person.

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  1. Nargis was also involved in Abid Boxer case before.

  2. Who was the man behind her deportation from Pakistan. She came after a long time in Pakistan. It was also heard that someone cut her hairs and then she had to go abroad.

  3. If she has forced someone to kill someone for money, then she should be arrested by the police.

  4. ho sakta ha k ye log blak mail kar rehe ho

  5. As several showbiz actresses and models are being involved in scandals to bring themselves on the top of headlines, Nargis has also met the same situation, as she is up to the media due to this controversy.

  6. Nargis has also a relationship with underworld don Abid Boxer.

  7. She may be innocent in this murder case, where she is giving supari for a murder to a professional shooter or killer.

  8. It is a new scandal of Nargis, but according to the shooter, he was given work to kill Juna Butt by Stage dancer and Mujra queen Nargis.

  9. Nargis has left the showbiz industry after this incident, and it is heard the she has started to wear Hijab.

  10. I have seen her in a party, where she came in Hijab with a police officer just for 10 minutes, and she was looking cute in Hijab.

  11. She may be involved in this case as the culprit is saying to the media that Nargis has awarded him the project to kill the Juna Butt, but fortunately he couldn’t become the victim of paid killer.

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