Pakistani Actress Maria Wasti Scandal Pictures

Pakistani hot actress Maria Wasti scandal photos or pictures have been revealed over the web, in which Ayesha Omar is also enjoying with her on a beach in Thailand. Both the hot actresses were on vacation in Thailand, when these pictures were taken by someone, and now they have become a part of social networking sites, as people are sharing and passing their comments on them.

Whereas the Maria Wasti’s marriage photos are concerned, according to Wikipedia she is not married yet. She was born in 1980 or 1970 both dates of birth are present on the same site, but it is not cleared what is the true and exact.

Maria wasti’s hot pictures in skirt with Ayesha Omar were taken on a beach in Thailand, where she was enjoying her vacations. But after that she clarified her position saying that when our Pakistani people see the Hollywood Stars and Bollywood Stars, they enjoy a lot. But whey they criticize a Pakistani celebrity on the basis of her personal life, when she was doing some bold acts?

Maria Wasti in Short Skirt on Beach with Ayesha Omar
Maria Wasti on Beach Pictures
Maria Wasti Scandal Pictures
Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti in Thailand
Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omer on Beach in Thailand

This is the exact and clear position of Maria Wasti scandal pictures, on which she has clarified her position by asking some questions from the Pakistani viewers and nation. Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar scandal was raised by the people on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. People disliked the images and criticized a lot leaving a scandal of Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar in Thailand.

‘Ayesha Omar and Maria Wasti on beach’ has become a famous search term in Pakistan, as both are the bold and hot Pakistani actresses, who have appeared in many Pakistani drama serials and fashion shows. They have a huge fan club, as people admire them and like their acting skills. But a celebrity in abroad is always presenting the country of their origin, so these actresses must keep in mind first that they are Pakistani.

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