Pakistan Test Fires Hatf II Abdali Missile on 14 Feb 2013

Pakistan successfully test fires the land-based ballistic missile system Hatf II Abdali Missile on 14th February 2013. It is a short range surface-to-surface missile, and almost 180KM is the area of its range. ISPR has also give comments upon the successful missile system.


The location of the test is still undercover and not disclosed by any official present there. Commander of Army’s Strategic Force Command (Lieutenant General Tariq Nadeem Gilani), Director General of Strategic Plans Division (Lieutenant General Khalid Ahmed Kidwai), Engineers, Scientists and other officials from several organizations were there on the spot, where Abdali Missile was tested. They are the eye witness of the Hatf II and Haft III Abdali Missile Test Fires.


The missile has been made on the latest technologies, and it was tested before in 2002, 2005,2006 and 2012. The making of the Hatf II missile was announced in 1989, and it has been recently tested on Pakistan Day Parade. Pakistan is one of these countries, who hold the title of atomic power or atomic energy. It is making innovations and further developments in the atomic power, as it has made Shaheen and Ghauri Missiles before, which are unique of their design.

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