Pakistan Railway – Three Officers Raped A Junior Female Officer

Three executive officers of Pakistan Railway raped a a girl who is Junior Female Officer of Railway. They called her in a private party after the duty hours and finding her alone, they raped her. The girl after being raped, went to the police and told them everything how she became a victim of rapists. On the very next day, when she came in the office she told the other employes about the incident, but the culprits the officers of Pakistan Railway were the executive officers, and they threaten the workers for dismissing them from the job, and gave an offer of Rs. 5 Lac to the victim for stopping her from making complaints. The family members of the victim girl are demanding for the job of girl’s brother and cousin in Pakistan Railway for leaving the matter. It has become the trend in Pakistan that staff girls are raped in the offices or out of offices by the senior officers or other employees. Therefore most of the Pakistani girls are not ready for doing jobs in the offices. This is the frustration of like these officers that they dishonor the girls. They should keep in mind the serious working criteria, and Pakistani Government should adopt measures to reduce the girl abuse in the country.

The Pakistan Railway is one of the pioneer departments of Pakistan, and due to the mistake of employees, the department is also dishonored. These culprits should be given strict punishment that one can get lesson from it and couldn’t rape a girl or employee. Pakistan Railway has got a stigma by recruiting these officers who raped the girl.pakistan-railway-officers-raped-a-girl

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  1. Media has not reported about this news.

  2. It is just to dishonor the Pakistan Railway Department.

  3. Its a big scandal against the Pakistan Railway, which is one of the major government departments of Pakistan.

  4. I think it is just a scandal, there is no reality behind the news about the railway, as nobody has announced or published this news on live media or news channels.

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