Pakistan is Ranked at 5th As Highly Populated Country

Pakistan is third world country, and due to this truth it has to suffer from every possible area of life, which ranges from no medical health facilities to a high rate of terrorism. While going through the different studies and articles written by the successful leaders, it is observed that high rate of increasing population is the main reason behind a developing country.

According to the last conducted survey for calculation of population of the different nations, has declared Pakistan as 5th highly populated country of the world. If you go through the previous survey, Pakistan was ranked as 6th highly populated country of the world and Brazil was at 5th. According to the current survey Pakistan is at 5th, which has over jumped the Brazil, and Brazil is now among the developed countries just because of controlled population. Brazil is now developed country and enjoying the every taste of life and running its economy very smoothly and for countries like Brazil being highly populated is not an issue because they have control on their population.  Whereas the population of Pakistan is concerned, where 100 people are either killed or die daily due to high rate of inflation, has an increase of 34% in its population in last 10 years. The coming years in Pakistan are expected to be even more difficult and dreadful, and definitely will affect the economy of Pakistan badly. The population increasing rate of Pakistan is double than that of India and Bangladesh.

The above indication are enough to forecast the future of Pakistan in coming years, and the people living right now in the Pakistan are seriously exposed to a huge threat. Keeping in view the increasing rate of inflation as well as population, our Government must take immediate action and start different campaigns to motivate people for controlling the increasing rate of population.


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  1. This is a very nice information, because of high population and growth rate, Pakistan is going on higher side. This is the main cause of inflation in Pakistan and increasing market prices. Our government should adopt some policies to motivate people of the country about the population problems.

  2. The Pakistani population is increasing day by day and its global rank is also going up.

  3. The population is increasing, but the government can do nothing to control the growth rate.

  4. The population is going on the higher side.

  5. Government has done nothing to control the population of Pakistan.

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