Om Puri Admitted to Hospital Due to Typhoid

Lucknow, India: The legendary actor of Bollywood Om Puri is suffering from severe typhoid and has been admitted to a private hospital in India.

Om Puri in the age of 61 was shooting for a film Ram Bhajan Zindabad in a small village Rahramau in the neighbor of Barabanki district, suddenly fell ill and was admitted to a city hospital few days ago, this news is reported by the co-actor Sharad Raj.


Sharad said that, Puri admitted to hospital due to severe fever, and doctors said that he has typhoid, but now his condition is much better and being improved day by day. Om Puri who has done great works in a lot of block buster Bollywood movie, will now appear on the big screen in Prakash Jha’s Chakrayyuh & priyadarshan’s Kamaal DHamaal Malamaal. These movies will be releasing soon.

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  1. Hey me get well soon.

  2. He is a legendary Villain of Bollywood.

  3. I think he is out of danger and hospital now.

  4. He has done a lot of Bollywood as well as Hollywood Movies in his career. After the Amresh Puri’s death, he is being cast in a lot of other indian films.

  5. He is well now.

  6. He is working in some movies this time.

  7. After the death of Amresh Puri, he is playing the role of Villain.

  8. He is also playing the comedy roles in many bollywood movies.

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