Older and Modern Forms of Currency

Several forms of currency have been changed with the passage of time. Some older and modern forms of money we are going to present here. Normally we use currency in several forms these days. When we have wealth in bank, we use it in the form of check. When we have money in our pocket, we use it in the shape of currency notes and coins.

As the older forms of money or currency are concerned, there may be stones, gold coins, metal rods, barter system and many weird things. These weird things have been used as currency in older eras. Some older forms of money and some modern forms of currency we are trying to elaborate here.

Rai Stones Money

This is a weird and early form of money, which is Rai Stones. These stones are used in Micronesia (the island of Yap) as legal tender. These special stones are of large kind or you can say the large limestone in the shape of disc (1.5 to 1.6 dia), and have a hole in the center. These Rai Stones are used in the shape of currency, as they have value according to their weight and size. Their cost also depend on the majority of people who died while moving the stone. Here is a snap of Rai Stone money which is used in the most parts of Micronesia.


The Largest Coin

Where the latest and unique form of currency is concerned, the Canada made a Canadian largest coin, which had the worth of one million Canadian dollars. The weight of the coin was 100kg, which was made of 99.9 percent pure gold. This was considered to be the largest gold coin in the world by year 2011. But it was just a gold coin, as it was not being used in the form of money or currency.


After that Australia made the world’s largest gold coin in October 2011, which was also made of pure gold. Perth Mint took the credit to make the largest gold coin of the world, which was weighted more than a ton. But it was also not the form of currency, as it was the unique of its kinds in the world.


The Smallest Coin

The world’s smallest coin had also been used in the form of currency since long in India. The smallest coin of the world was made of silver quarter Tara Vijayanagara in India. It weighs 1.7 grams and the diameter is just 4mm. It was the smallest form of money, which had been used in India.


The Smallest Commemorative Coin

United Kingdom did not sit back, and finally they made a smallest commemorative coin putting the image of Queen Elizabeth II in the center of coin to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. The diameter was just of only 750 nanometers, which is 750 billionth of a meter.


Coins of Africa (Money Kissi Kissi Penny)

West Africa is a developing country, and in 20th century twisted iron rods of 33 to 36 cm long were used as the basic form of currency. These Kissi Kissi pennies were just like a “T” at the one end, while the second end was open. You can say these coin were of the shape of spatula.

These coins were used during the burial ceremony of the dead person. These rods were famous being the unique and weird form of currency in all over the world.


Fiber Coins

In Japan occupied Manchuria, Yuan Makchzhou th was used as the from of money, as it was the official coin of money. In 1944 to 1945 the metal reserves fell suddenly and the government made the 1 and 5 feney coin with red and brown material, which were similar to cardboard. These fiber coins were in the shape of different things like bikes, music instruments and many more.


Geometric Money Somalia

Somalia or geometric money is the famous form of money, as it is one of its type. This form of money is in the shape of three-dimensional. You can have in the shape of cone (refer to water), ball (refer to earth), pyramid (refer to fire), cube (refer to metal) and cylinder (refer to tree). Somalia Geometric Money is the famous form of currency, which can also be found in the shape of guitars, motorcycles and cars.


Wooden Money

After the world war II, Canada issued the wooden money in Moose Jaw. In that period the metal had become the rare commodity in Canada, so they used the wood to make the currency coins. The wooden money was used after the second world war in Canada.


Silver Coin with Holy Water

In 2007 the silver coin with holy water was used in one of the smallest countries in the world i.e. the island nation of Palau. The same year the government had released the coin with holy water. It was a silver dollar currency coin having a picture or sketch of Virgin Mary with a little bottle of holy water in her hand. The water was assumed to fetch from holy place in Lourdes, France. Therefore this coin was called the Silver coin with holy water, as it was made of silver.


Speaking Coin in USA

This is also a unique kind of currency, which contains the picture of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on one side, while the other side have the value of 5oo MNT. There is a button placed on U.S. President shoulder, if it is pressed, the coin started to speak, and one can easily hear the speech of president. Therefore this is called the speaking coin, which has not been used in the form of currency, but it is just a unique of its kind.


The Modern Form of Currency – Plastic Money

Plastic money is the modern form of currency, which can be used in all over the world. The specific currency always has more value in the specific place or location, but the modern form of currency is different than all the older forms of currency, as it has the same value on all locations. Wherever you are, you can used the plastic money (Credit Cards and Debit Visa Cards) with the same value.

In several parts of the world, the people loves to have the plastic money, which is associated with the banking system of the country. You can go ATM machines to draw cash or shopping malls to shop for your home remedies. This is the famous and flexible form of currency these days. This form of currency has also reduced the chances of theft.


Space Money or Future Form of Currency

The space money or future money is made of heavy-duty plastic, which have images of several planets on it. The space money was made by scientists at the National Space Centre with the collaboration of University of Leicester. This modern form of currency was named Quid. This space money is available in the shape of plastic coins. This kind of currency is not used in this world, as it is especially designed for the planets.


Some of the above currencies are unusual forms of money, while some of them are very important like Plastic Money. The forms of currency have changed with the passage of time, and several countries are introducing the latest forms of currencies. But the plastic money is the best one, which has a low theft rate and can be used in all over the world with same worth.

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