Nusrat Javed Caught Drunk – Leaked Photos

Nusrat Javed the senior Aaj TV anchor caught drunk and dancing in the party with girls. The senior Aaj TV anchor started her career from Aaj TV, where he hosted a talk show named Bolta Pakistan. But after the leakage of these exclusive picture, in which he is sitting with friends while having a bottle of alcohol or wine at the front table, the people are giving a new name to this program i.e. Nashe Mein Dolta Pakistan.

It may be a scandal or controversy against the anchor Nusrat Javed or channel i.e. Aaj TV. Nusrat Javed once changed the platform and started a new talk show like Bolta Pakistan on another TV Channel i.e. Duniya News. The program he started was Dunya Mere Aagey, but after some time, he came back towards the native TV channel, where Nusrat Javed started his career. Once in 2011 on the live TV when Nusrat Javed was talking with the Sherry Rehman, he was said to be drunk. He was talking with Sherry saying first of all we are friends, and talking so freely, so Sherry replied as “are you sleeping”. Here is the exclusive video of Nusrat and Sherry Rehman, have a look.

He gave a new trend to other TV channels of talk shows, as he has a beautiful talking attitude and voice, which attract the audience. But these are a lot of controversies and scandals, which are rising up victimizing the TV anchors, as Mehar Bukhari leaked pictures were also on the social media some days ago. So one more controversy or scandal of Nusrat Javed has been made from both these pictures, in which you will find him with alcohol and girls. He is an old man, so he should avoid to do like these thing, as these things or you can say vulgarity rises the scandals up to the media.




Have a look on the pictures in which Aaj TV anchor or Bolta Pakistan, Nusrat Javed caught drunk and dancing in dance parties with girls. The scandalous leaked pictures have been taken by the other sites claiming the news, and published here.


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  1. These are the media and news anchors, who are disgracing the others.

  2. It is an other big scandals, why Pakistani media anchors and morning show hosts are being involved in several scandals? what is the main reason behind these controversies?

  3. Shame on you Nusrat. In one of another incident Maulana Tahir Ashrafi was also caught drunk in his car. Our so called anchors and politicians are going towards the wrong acts day by day.

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