Nusrat Javed and Marvi Sarmad Leaked Picture

Nusrat Javed and Marvi Sarmed caught standing together in an exclusive leaked image. Nusrat Javed of is a senior Aaj TV Anchor, who is providing his services on Aaj TV since long. Once Nusrat Javed caught drunk on live TV while talking with Sherry Rehman, and this time he is caught with the RAW agent Marvi Sarmad in a picture.

Marvi Sarmad is said to be an RAW agent, who is working in Pakistan. After releasing the exclusive pictures of Marvi Sarmad the doubt became the surety, that she is an RAW agent. In Pakistan she was a columnist and always appeared with the vulgar language against the politicians. One someone show her twitter account in which she was talking a dirty and rude language for the Pakistanis. Her real name is Shazia Anwar, and she changed her name as Marvi on the suggestion on an Indian Numerologist. She lives in Pakistan and worked for the Indian Intelligence Agency i.e. RAW.


She was very famous among the politicians, journalists, and government functionaries, due to her supply of prostitute girls and alcohol as well on the different parties and occasions. The RAW agent Marvi Sarmad is also the member of SAFMA and polluting the minds of youth by distorting the Pakistani ideology. Keeping in view her advanced attitude that she is misguiding the youth, a FATWA was given saying that she is a Qadiani. We request supreme court of Pakistan to take immediate and strict action against the RAW SAFMA agents who are working in Pakistan, and hang them till death. Here is the exclusive pictures of Nusrat Javed and Marvi Sarmad, in which the both are standing closely.


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  1. Being a well reputed man, he is doing weird acts to get himself dishonored.

  2. Being a famous personality of Aaj TV, he should avoid from the things which converts to scandals.

  3. In this picture, you can easily recognize the Raw agent Marvi Sarmad and Nusrat Javed the Aaj TV anchor standing closely.

  4. He has lost his repute by being involved in such scandals.

  5. It seems that the Aaj TV anchor has some relations with Marvi.

  6. Both are standing close to each other, showing their love.

  7. Few months ago the Nusrat Javed was also caught drunk in private pictures taken with hidden camera.

  8. Nusrat what the hell you are doing here in these pictures?

  9. Several Pakistani TV anchors and news casters are being involved in the scandals, as they have affairs with the so called politicians and actresses.

  10. He should avoid to come on TV showing while drunk.

  11. Nusrat Javed please think about your profile.

  12. These are the famous Pakistani celebrities, who are not thinking about their profiles and making their biography scandalous.

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