Nida Chaudhry and Afreen Khan got banned due to vulgar dance

The hot stage dancers, Nida Chaudhry and Afreen Khan got banned for doing vulgar acts in Mujra (dance). Vulgarity has become a main part of stage dance, the dancers attract the the audience with vulgarity, hotness and sexy cloths.

Afreen Khan and Nida Chaudhry , both the stage actresses are famous for their hot acts during dance on stage. During Mujras these two hot girls of Pakistani stage dramas have got the vulgarity in practice. On the several complaints the monitoring authority of stage dramas and theaters has taken the action against the stage dancers by imposing a ban on them.

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Few days ago another stage dancer who had been banned previously Saima Khan talked about vulgarity in the stage dramas and vulgar dance performances. She added that the audience who come in theater likes to see the vulgar acts and vulgar dance of the stage dancers. Therefore the producers need the dancers to play some vulgar acts in Mujra. But few people have problem with their semi-nude dances, which come to theater for enjoyment and humor not for the vulgarity and vulgar acts in Mujra dance. But the indecent Mujras or dances have become a main part of Pakistani stage dramas.

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Nidha Chaudhry got banned and later issued a statement that they do vulgar acts on the demands of people, while they are Muslim girls.

Afreen Khan and Nida Chaudhry broke the rules assigned by the district authorities in Naaz Theater by doing vulgar dance in a stage drama. The audience was enjoying the Mujra and showing the money to the both stage dancers.

These theater actresses are getting defame due to vulgar acts in Mujra. Hence by having a strong consideration on the matter, few big names of stage drama have left the dance and theater. First of all Nargis has left dance and she is wearing Hijab these days. Saima Khan left the Mujra, after being injured in a major incident. Mahnoor after performing Hajj said good bye to stage dramas.

Pakistani theater authorities must play the quality dramas in the theaters, which are viewable by the families. Pakistani actor Sohail Ahmed makes quality dramas and people love to watch his dramas in theaters with their families. So other producers and directors of the stage dramas must get some suggestion from him.

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