Natalie Sideserf Made Deadly Wedding Cake For Husband in NY

It seems that the husband and wife have cut themselves on wedding day and eaten their own meat, but Natalie Sideserf has made deadly wedding cake for her husband in New York, and it seems that it is made of the heads of dead bodies.

The amazing and deadly wedding cake looks like a scene of horror movie. According to the wife, Natalie Sideserf, her husband David likes to watch horror movies, so she decided to make a deadly cake to give it an effect of horror.

Actually the couple in New York celebrated their wedding ceremony in a unique and amazing way, and they made a horror cake, which looks like heads of dead bodies. It is an amazing wedding anniversary celebration idea for both of them. The married couple have celebrated their marriage anniversary in an amazing way that we can’t think of.

Natalie Sideserf prepared a deadly and scary cake just like in scary movies, and cut it on her wedding anniversary with husband in New York City. Here is an amazing video of scary cake, which the married couple cut on wedding anniversary. In this video and pictures of scary cake, you can see that it looks like original. It takes almost whole one day for the manufacturing of deadly cake. The cake looks like the head of a male and female, and the blood effect has also been given, as the blood is coming out from necks.



Natalie Sideserf  Matt
Natalie Sideserf Matt

Watch the exclusive leaked video of scary cake made by Natalie Sideserf in New York city for her beloved husband. Actually she gave a big present on the wedding anniversary to her husband in the shape of horror cake. Watch the video and write your comments to tell us about the art of Natalie Sideserf.

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