Nargis leaves the stage and wants to be a Muslim cleric

Lahore: Beautiful and stunning Pakistani stage as well as Film actress Nargis has decided to leave showbiz industry, as such she wants to become a Muslim cleric. She appeared on different TV channels and announced to leave stage as well as dance, as she has returned to the best religion i.e. Islam and will become a true Muslim woman.

Pakistani film actress Nargis has relationships with underworld and criminal gangs of Pakistan. But she has returned to Islam and took oath on the holy book Quran and announced to become a good Muslim by breaking the ties with stage actors and underworld.

Previously stage actress Nargis was involved in a case for killing Juna Butt, who may be a producer or director of Pakistani stage dramas. She has offered 1 Million to a shooter or killer for killing Juna Butt, the case is under investigation.


After Sara Chaudhry and Sataesh Khan, Nargis has left showbiz or stage of Pakistan. She said that she is learning the teachings of Islam from Maulana Tariq Jamil, who is a famous cleric. After becoming a true Muslim she has started to wear Hijab, scarf and veil. She is also taking classes in a seminary for becoming a true Muslim woman and cleric, as she has left dance and stage.

She further added some details about her killing case that she has not given money or order for killing Juna Butt, and she is wrongly being involved in this case for making a new scandal. Nargis also added that she had relationship with Juna Butt, which is no more now, as she has left all the persons related to showbiz industry.

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  1. It is a good decision taken by famous female actress and dancer of Stage shows of Pakistan. Nargis has also started to wear Hijab as she wants to become a Muslim Cleric.

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