Nano sim for Apple iPhone 5 in Pakistan by Ufone

TELECOM: Ufone is ready to introduce the Nano sim for iPhone 5, as the iPhone 5 has been launched, and people in Pakistan has purchased, which support the Nano technology function. Now the users of Apple iPhone 5 can enjoy the full features of Nano sim in Pakistan. The Nano technology will be soon available at Ufone business centers.

Ufone is the only mobile sim operator which has launched the Nano sim in Pakistan and it will be available in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other major cities, and one can easily purchase the Nano sim from the Ufone business centers or franchises in major cities.

If you want to get Nano sim for your iPhone mobile you will have to visit the nearby Ufone franchise, and the thing that it worth mentioning here is you will get this sim on the same price i.e. Rs. 100 as GSM Ufone sim. Or you can say that you will enjoy the full functionality of Nano on iPhone on the same price of casual sim.


The Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone described the opening and launching as Ufone takes the pride in introducing the latest and most unique technologies and value added services, and the launching of Nano technology is one of the best achievement by Ufone. The iPhone lovers in Pakistan who use the iPhone 5 will now enjoy the full functionality of their Apple cell phone by putting the Nano chip in their cell phones.

Whereas the size of sim is concerned, it can’t be use in other casual mobile or cell phones, as its thickness is from 0.76mm to 0.67mm. It also seems that the iPhone 5 will be available at Ufone business centers or franchises for sale soon, as the Nano sim technology is also being offered by the same operator.

It is the great effort of Ufone that it has took the advantage by introducing the latest services like 3G and Nano sim for the iPhone lovers. The Nano sim has already launched in different countries, but it is the fortune for iPhone users in Pakistan that they will get the full functionality of iPhone 5 by purchasing the Nano sim from Ufone franchise.

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