Mustafa Kamal Said ” I am A Gay” | Altaf Hussain Kissing Mustafa Kamal

The political leader Mustafa Kamal, who belong to MQM party, said if people think about him that he is a gay, then he has no objection what the people said about him. In this picture you are seeing the leader of MQM Altaf Hussain is kissing him, therefore people have made a controversy that the Mustafa Kamal is gay, while it is just an expression to show love for someone.


This political leader Mustafa Kamal has a huge support in Karachi city, due to the rapid development in his area. He has made Karachi a beautiful city full of lights and delight roads and streets. But he is just a positive minded person, therefore he is saying that if people think that I am a gay, then i have no objection, just let them think.

In an interview with Mehar Bukhari he said the above words. The video is here.

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