Muslim Man Cut off her Wife’s Braid for Not Covering Head

A Muslim Woman in Uttar Pardesh has claimed that her husband has cut off her braid, after she went to the roof without covering her head. Whereas the topic ‘Islam and Woman’ is concerned, a women must do Pardah before going outside.

The woman has registered the application against her husband in nearest police station, who has allegedly cut off her braid for not covering her head and going on the roof.

A Muslim lady Rukhsana, who lives in Prem Nagar in Loni, went to the roof of her house while she was not covering her head. Her husband cut off her braid for not wearing Hijab or Dupatta. He cut off her braid and threw her out of home in anger.


Three years had been passed she married, but she had been having quarrels with her husband since long. But it was not expected from her husband that he did.

Rukhsana’s husband Israr has been arrested by the police and the investigation is under process. He is accused of cutting her wife’s braid for not covering her head with Dupatta.

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