MQM Rabtia Committee Statement Against Ghulam Ahmad Bilour

As Ex Minister of Railway Ghulam Ahmad Bilour of ANP has given the statement against the maker of Anti-Islam or blasphemous movie, MQM is asking for his resign from the party or government.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has announced a prize of Rs. $100,000 for the person who will kill that bastard, who have made the blasphemous movie against Islam. The one who tries to disgrace our Prophet (PBUH), is desired to be killed. He also added that if the producer of the movie come in front of him, he will definitely kill that person.

MQM being a Muslim organization of Pakistan is talking against the statement of Bilour, and saying that He is making a stigma on Pakistan by giving like these comments. Pakistan who is at the hit list in the world for being a terrorist, will earn more fame regarding this issue.


Protests against the blasphemous movie are going on not only in Pakistan but also in the whole Islamic World. Pakistan has already conduct rallies against the Anti-Islam movie on 21st September 2012.  One of a Pakistan policeman has also showed her anger by putting the American flag on his feet. The whole Muslim world is protesting, and the MQM being a Muslim organization is giving statement against Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, who has showed the love for Islam by passing the angry comments upon the blasphemous movie. Egyptian scholars have also given Fatwa in writing form to kill all the participants of blasphemous movie. It is the duty of our Prime Minister Raja Rental to support the Minister who has announced $100,000 prize money for the Hero, who will kill any of the participants of blasphemous movie.

If you are a Muslim, and have a great affection and love in your heart for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), you will never go with MQM, who is demanding the resign from the Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, or ordering him to take her words back upon the Anti-Islam Movie.

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  1. Hello. impressive job. I did not expect this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

  2. The MQM is trying very hard to make the Bilour enable to take his words back. But Bilour is angry upon the blasphemous movie, and the Al-Qaida or Talibans have given statement that they will never touch the Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, as his statement with according to the Islam.

  3. Why the leader of MQM is living outside Pakistan, if he loves Pakistan, he should come here to solve the problems of the people, but he can’t do that.

  4. Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has become a hero in the eyes of Nation by saying the harsh words upon the issue blasphemous movie.

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