MQM Demands Resign of Ghulam Ahmad Bilour on Blasphemous Movie Statement

Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) asks for the resign of Ghulam Ahamad Bilour from the seat due to his statement on the Anti-Islam Movie statement. MQM demanded that Bilour should take her words back or get resign from the seat. The Ghulam Ahmad Bilour‘s statement regarding blasphemous movie create controversies in Pakistani politics. Ex Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour announced bounty that worth 0.1 Million dollars for that person who will kill the producer of blasphemous movie.

The Bilour belongs to a party which is among the relegious and political parties of Pakistan i.e. ANP Awami National Party. It is the spirit of Ghulam Ahamad Bilour that according to his statement he will kill that Anti-Islam Movie maker if he face him.


According to the Mutahida Qaumi Moment (MQM) Bilour’s statement has create a negative impact of Pakistan at international level. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Parvaiz Asharaf has also took a notice of the statement regarding Anti-Islam Movie. According to the Prime Minister house statement, Raja Parvaiz Sharaf will ask the senior leadership of ANP about the statement of Ghulam Ahmad Bilour.

According to the Islamic point of view the producer or director of the blasphemous movie is deserved to be killed. As Pakistan announced protest against the blasphemous movie on 21st September, all the Pakistani told the wold that they are Muslims and they showed their anger on the Anti-Islam Movie. The person who made this film is deserved to be killed, so according to the Islamic point of view Ghulam Ahamad Bilour is at right and Mutahida Qaumi Movement is doing wrong act by asking for resign or taking his words back, instead of get together against the makers of blasphemous movie.

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  1. One of the brave Pakistani politician who have given the statement against America.

  2. He has won the hearts of Pakistanis by giving the statement against USA.

  3. Its a brave decision to put a reward for the person who will kill the director or producer of blasphemous or Anti-Islam movie. The Al-Qaida or Taliban has also appreciated the statement of Ghulam Ahmad Bilour.

  4. The Altaf Hussain should resign from the party, as he is demanding the resign of Bilour on the issue of saying harsh words upon blasphemous movie.

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