Most Expensive Nail Polish of the World With Black Diamonds

California, USA: A famous jewelry company “Azature” is has made the world’s most expensive nail polish, which contains about 267 carats of black diamonds. The introduction price of the nail polish is $250,000.

This most expensive nail polish has broken the all previous records, as a model owns $130,000 gold rush couture shade. After the releasing of this nail polish which is the most expensive, the other nail polish making companies have started their work to make a carbon copy of this luxury item with black diamond. So a new copy or version has came into the market with a price of Just $ 25. Each bottle of the polish has only one Carat of black diamond.

As the fashion in vogue in this new era, a lot of girls use different types of polishes on their nails, and a lot of artificial nails collection have come into the market on very cheap rates. A lot of different companies are making the products regarding nail art according to the need of girls.


The company has done a great job, and this is the new achievement of the company. Sometimes the people think, who will purchase this luxury thing, but it is the reality the world always looks for luxury items to show their strength to the other people by purchasing the expensive and luxury item. It is the achievement of the company so if the product is sold in very minor quantity, but the company will make a huge profit by putting a trend of black diamond.

According to a statement of Azature the jewelry making company, “The black diamond is the finest jewelry of the world and its ultimate fine jewel. It is a combination of mystery, sophistication, and beauty, which makes it more luxury for all the times. The company is now thinking about to showcase this latest and most expensive nail polish on nails.

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  1. I want to purchase the copy of this. Give some locations to buy

  2. It costly and expensive.

  3. I want to purchase its copy, please tell me where to buy?

  4. Beautiful but costly.

  5. I like it so much and i shall buy its copy, as i can’t purchase the original one.

  6. Thank you for sharing the beautiful design and black diamond nail polish as well.

  7. Beautiful nail polish with black diamonds, i love to apply on my nails.

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