Monkey attacked and crashes U.S. embassy in Sri Lanka

A monkey disrupted the usual routine of U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka, while diplomacy is not the monkey’s business. A wandering primate attacked at U.S. embassy and crashes the routine work of the folks.

On 20th December, the embassy invasion started when an email was sent to the employees of the facility in Colombo for using the alternate door for exits, because a monkey had been trapped at ground floor and all the doors were locked. The employees were ordered to use the alternate exit doors of the building. This incident was almost same as Kabul ‘lock down’.

Monkeys are common in Sri Lanka, but it is not cleared that what kind of monkey was trapped in US embassy. But whereas the speculations are concerned, it was a toque macaque, which is a medium-sized monkey, and it is common in Sri Lanka. It is considered to be harmless for the human beings. With a swirl of hairs it is not dissimilar to the Donald Trump’s pretty and adorable.


Monkey was creating trouble for the embassy workers, while it was not a wild animal. When the incident took place, there was no work to carry out for whole day, as all the people were feeling trouble with the monkey.

It is not sure that it was a lady or male monkey. It was running on the embassy walls and some people were enjoying with the animal giving him bananas and other fruits encouraging shouts from the burley Marines. A whole group of off duty drivers was also engaged with the activity with monkey at U.S. embassy.

Acting Director of State Department Press Office, Chris Hensman also confirmed the diplomatic visit and explained that an unexpected guest had come and gotten stuck in the ventilation system of the building. The visitors at US embassy were also afraid of the monkey’s activity and they left the embassy building safely. It was a full day adventure. Hence Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka was called by the officers at US embassy to get rid of the monkey. They came and resolved the issue as monkey ran away.

It was also a fun at US embassy in Sri Lanka as people were playing with the monkey and enjoying its activities. It was a full day of fun and entertainment at US embassy when no business was carried out. It was just a medium size monkey, which was not harmful for the people at the embassy, so the incident left no one injured.

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  1. Amazing news of monkeys.

  2. The story of this clever monkey is really funny.

  3. The US embassy in Sri Lanka country was working well, and It was disturbed by a monkey. Its really funny.

  4. These are several kind of monkeys, so it may be one of those kinds who jammed the work in Sri Lanka US Embassy.

  5. It seems to be a wise monkey that attacked the embassy.

  6. I think the monkeys are in huge population in the country and live freely. Therefore they can make hurdle in some works.

  7. It is just an amazing news that a monkey made hurdle in the work of an office, which is US embassy in Sri Lanka.

  8. It was a worst day in the history of US embassy, when they monkey was trapped in the embassy.

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