Mom-Son Kissing for Drugs exchange sent both behind bars

New York State Police has observed a mom-son kissing scene and sent them behind bars, as they were exchanging drugs. Both were jailed as they act had been seen and observed by the NY police.

Kimberly Margeson, 54 was allegedly giving her son William Partridge two Oxycodone painkiller pills by having a french kiss with him, who was in jail. The police observed the lip lock between mom and son and sent them behind bars as it was the case of drugs.

police saw a mother and son having french kiss for the exchange of drugs through their tongue. A Yates County Sheriff’s Department has given its report that the mother put the drugs in her mouth before visiting the jail to meet her son, where she transferred the painkiller pills through her tongue to her son’s mouth, and this all was done through a long french kiss.


The mom-son drug kiss was just to exchange two painkiller pills, which she put in her son’s mouth. The drug opioid narcotic pain reliever was similar to morphine, which were given to William Partridge in the jail by his mother.

Margeson was from Penn Yan, N.Y., who was arrested by the police on account of felony drug count. There was also another charge upon him i.e. misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband. But her mother was giving favor to her son by transferring the drugs into his mouth, as he was a regular user of these painkiller pills.

Mother was put in jail for this act, but she was soon free upon bail. Partridge remained behind bars for weapon offense and promoting prison contraband, a misdemeanor.

As mother and son french kiss was leading both of them to jail, and they were charged with stooping to a new low. The boy was not allowed to take drugs in jail, while his mother was transferring the painkiller pills in her mouth through her tongue.

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