Molana Tahir Ashrafi Caught Drunk After Kidnapping

Lahore Waqat News: Chairman Ulema and Mashaikh Council Pakistan Molana Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi caught drunk in her car on GT Road near Jehlum.

The incident took place, when the Molana went unconscious after having a huge drinking. He was lying in his car at the GT Road, when his car was stopped by the Law enforcement agencies. The Molana was not in a conscious state. They made a mobile footage or video of the politician Tahir Asharfi, which can also be disclosed by the media.


He was coming from a party, which was organized by the Foreign Embassy, where he had a lot of drink. The party was held in Islamabad, and Maolana was on its way from Islamabad to Lahore, when he caught drunk. He is a Chairman of Ulema and Mashaikh Council Pakistan, which is a religious organization. Wine and Alcohol is illicit in Islam, so what the unfortunate incident is this that a Chairman of religious organization is caught drunk. The police told that when he caught he was much drunk and lying on the back seat of the car. He was also vomiting that his cloths are full of the expulsion coming out from his mouth.

After getting conscious, the Maolana Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi in response replied that He was kidnapped by the unknown person and the kidnappers were giving him the drugs by force. The media has reported that the law enforcement agencies have submitted their report, in which they have told that the Tahir Ashrafi was not kidnapped, it was just a rumor or scandal. According to another report when he caught drunk he couldn’t reply any of the questions by the police or agencies, but after getting conscious he personally called them back.

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  1. The so called politicians of Pakistan should prevent from these acts, by which they become victim of media. Its not a good thing for the chairman of religious affair to drink alcohol.

  2. Has media asked for the drinking drive of Tahir Ashrafi? He should also be sent behind bars. If our religious members will drink alcohol, so what will be the future of Pakistan?

  3. He often used to drink alcohol and wine on different occassions.

  4. Drinking is his hobby, dont think about his religious personality just see his acts.

  5. Shame on you Maulana.

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