Model Sofia Mirza arrested over kidnapping charges

Lahore Dunya News: Pakistani model and actress Sofia Mirza has been arrested by the police for kidnapping of a girl. It has become a practice of Pakistani models to get fame by performing the illegal activities which are forbidden by law, as recently the stage actress and dancer Nargis has awarded a project of killing to a shooter. Pakistani actress are being involved in huge scandals and getting fame through illegal ways, as Veena Malik always performed weird acts to live at the news headlines. Here are some beautiful pictures of the model.

As the local news channels are reporting, Model Sofia Mirza has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a girl, who is from the Lahore city. According to the police report the young girl went missing on 10th October after leaving the college in afternoon. Her family conducted a thorough search for their daughter but at last they approached the police and lodged a case of their missing daughter.


The college girl named Saba was missing, and her family was so much worried about her, so they go the the police station and lodged a case of kidnapping directly against the model Sofia Khan. Keeping in view the fame of actress, the news was not reported earlier, but it may be a fact that there must be some relation between the girl and Sofia Khan. But there is no one above law, so Civil Lines police station took immediate action and arrested the Sofia Mirza from her residence at Cavalry Ground. The Model Sofia Mirza who was not known widely, is being known by the audience due to this kidnapping scandal.

Sofia Mirza is saying in the investigation that she has no connection with the girl, who was kidnapped and these abduction charges are wrong, and someone is making this conspiracy for unknown purpose. The abducted girl is not rescued yet as she is still kidnapped and the mother of kidnapped girl has requested police for the strict interrogation from Sofia Mirza to find her daughter.

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  1. It may be a new scandal of Sofia Mirza, as a lot of celebrities are being involved in the scandals and rumors.

  2. She is a beautiful model and actress of Pakistan showbiz industry but she is not looking good without makeup as the other celebrities in Pakistan.

  3. Yes you are right Nesha she is not looking gorgeous in the formal cloths as she is a stunning and gorgeous Pakistani celebrity.

  4. If she is involved in the kidnapping of a girl, she should be sent behind bars.

  5. Law must be equal for everyone. She should be given the punishment on merit, if it is not a scandal or rumor.

  6. Sophia Mirza scandal has become a popular news over media, and police is investigation in the matter.

  7. Our so called and famous actresses, actors, news anchors, tv hosts, and politicians are doing weird acts like this to remain up to the media news headlines. They are following the step by step guide of Veena Malik.

  8. Is police investigating in the matter? if she is real culprit, so she must be arrested by the police.

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