Model Aamina Sheikh At Always Ultra Karo Yakeen Campaign

Pakistani beautiful model and actress Aamina Sheikh made a speech at Always Ultra Karo Yakeen campaign. She was promoting the girls’ youth, as they must have the confidence to work in the community.

Aamina Sheikh talks about the role of Pakistani girls in every department of the country. She was promoting the knowledge of being confident. Karo Yakeen campaign by Always is becoming famous, as the people are being aware day by day. While doing speech she deliver the following words.

“It feels wonderful to be a part of this inspirational campaign. In a country like Pakistan where most women are still struggling for success and recognition, Always Karo Yaqeen campaign is a breath of fresh air. As a Pakistani woman I strongly believe we need to empower women especially young girls so that they have the confidence to overcome challenges in the face of adversity and achieve success in their personal as well as professional lives.


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