Misuse of mobile phone is destroying the youth – PTA to take action

Lahore: Keeping in view the interest of nation at large, PTA has decided to cancel or cease all night packages offered by the different mobile phone cellular companies like Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Warid and PTCL. As the misuse of mobile phone or cell phone at its increasing trend in the developing countries like Pakistan, the youth is going towards the vulgarity and several controversies are being raised day by day, and its all due to its misuse.

According to a rough estimate more than 90% people of Pakistan are doing the wrong use of mobile phone, as they just use it for entertainment purpose to have relationship with girlfriends and boyfriends and spent their nights while talking with their loved one over the phone. Some previous reports has also told that the severe use of mobile phone is also harmful for ears and brain, so people should avoid to its acute use.


But at this time our new generation or youngsters are going towards the wrong way, as they always remains busy even in schools, colleges and working places while talking over the phone with girlfriend or boyfriend. Whereas the developed countries are concerned, there are no any free night package offered by the cellular company or mobile phone network company. As i have said above the misuse of mobile phone or cell phone is at its best in Pakistan and it is at increasing trend that people spend their nights with their girl or boyfriend, and makes new relations by being involved in affairs with someone.

In a recent case came up to the media, a father or you can say both of the parents have killed their daughter in Azad Kashmir, as she was initially caught while talking with her boyfriend and after that walking on the road with him. The father of 15-years old teenage girl killed her in the name of honor. So our mobile cellular companies should also take action to close the night packages. They should think about the nation instead of making money day by day by facilitating the young people with free night packages, which are carrying the new generation towards the wrong way. PTA has taken the action to cease or cancel the all free night packages to reduce the misuse of mobile phone in Pakistan.

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  1. Pakistani government and mobile phone companies should think about the matter as our youth is going towards a wrong way.

  2. The free night packages should be closed in Pakistan, keeping in view the mobile using trend in developed countries, they are not giving the free packages.

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