Michael Jackson’s Sister Janet Converts To Islam

As a lot of women are accepting Islam in USA and other Non-Muslim Countries, the Janet Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Sister) has accepted Islam as the best religion. A huge number of Non-Muslim women is accepting Islam day by day. Sometimes people raise the point that Islam doesn’t give the equal rights to the women as granted to men, so main thinking rise upon this point is why these non-Muslim women are accepting Islam? Islam is a complete way of living and give essential rights to the women and provide complete protection, therefore the ladies like Janet converts to Islam.

A news came from the Bollywood some times before that the Kareena Kapoor is accepting Islam to marry Saif Ali Khan. She can accept it as a best religion as the mother of Saif Ali Khan i.e. Sharmila Tagore don’t want the children of Saif and Kareena born Non-Muslim. Janet Jackson is also among those women who find the Islam as best religion and will marry a Qatari Millionaire¬†Wissam Al Mana.


There are a lot of reasons for Non-Muslims to converts their religion to Islam. Especially women are thinking about it and getting the Islam as positive and true religion. Michael Jackson was a famous dancer and celebrity of Hollywood in USA. So what do you think if his sister Janet Jackson converts to Islam or accepts Islam as the best religion in this world and afterwards.

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  1. Women in a huge quantity considering the Islam as the true and best religion. All over the world Islam is spreading the message of peace, therefore a lot of women are accepting Islam day by day.

  2. Islam and Woman is a nice topic, it should also be included in the Islamic section of your site.

  3. This is happening especially in USA that several women are accepting Islam day by day.

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