Melting Men Sculptures of Ice By Nele Azevedo

Thousands of miniature melting men sculptures of ice have been made by the Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo to raise awareness about global warming. By making this beautiful artwrok, the Nele has displayed these melting men at Gendermenmarket Square in Berlin.

The Melting Men didn’t last for long time, as they are made of ice. The human sculptures of ice, when displayed were giving an amazing look, as they were describing the different issues of global warming on human life. As the global warming is rising the men have started melted.

Ice Art is a very difficult art, which can’t last for long time, but an artist has joint his efforts to display global warming issues on ice art. Have a look on the beautiful miniature melting men sculptures made of ice by Nele Azevedo. He is a famous Brazilian artist, who have displayed this artwork in front of public. The pictures are appended below.





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