Mehar Bukhari Latest Scandals and Pictures – PC Hacked

It may be true of false, but according to the news someone hacked the PC of Mehar Bukhari a Duniya TV Anchor and released the personal hot pictures of the anchor. She is a Duniya TV News Anchor, and due to her stunning attitude and having a lot of knowledge of the latest political trends, she has a huge fan club or followers in Pakistan and other countries as well.

Previously she was involved in a lot of scandals, as her hot pictures shoot in abroad had become the part of social networking sites, where viewers were commenting on it. It was the time, when Mehar gain more attraction of the viewers and get the what she wanted i.e. fame among the politicians and audience by her hot pictures.

Mehar Bukhar is now recently married with Kashif Abbasi an ARY Digital News Anchor. A beautiful news anchor of Pakistan has tied a node to another male news anchor. The marriage took place in 2011, and they are living happily, while it is well in the knowledge of Kashif Abbasi that her wife Mehar Bukhari had involved in a lot of previous scandals and her hot pictures have been released over the web, which someone has shoot in abroad with foreigners. But he is living with her happily, but suddenly a new scandal of Mehar Bukhari has been raised, by the person who has hacked her personal computer (PC).

The Mehar Bukhari’s personal and hot pictures were in the computer, when hacker attacked her computer he steeled these photos, and now the photos have been published over the web, especially in social networking sites, including one more scandal in the previous Mehar Bukhari Scandals.

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  1. Mehar Bukhari is looking so hot and sexy in these pictures.

  2. she would be happy that it doesn’t contained any Mehar Bukhari nude pictures.

  3. If any picture or nude pose was found in the collection, which is hacked by someone and published, then it will be a big scandal of Mehar.

  4. she is hot and i think that she would entertain lot of male fellows……..

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