Mathira Khan Talking About Controversial Condom Advertisement

In this video, Mathira Khan is giving a private message while talking about controversial condom advertisement. Her scandalous condom advertisement was roaming over the social media few days ago, and she has recorded a private video in hot dressing and gave a message to the people who are making rumors, stories and scandals of Mathira Khan.

She talks about the condom advertisement and also told the people that they should not watch her legs, but her face. During the private message, she also told the benefits of condoms and also talked about the flavored condoms. She asked from the people that why she is the only girl that is becoming the victim of rumors and scandals, while a lot of Pakistani girls are doing the vulgar advertisements.

During the Mathira Khan’s private video, you can see that she is sitting in a very relaxing mood. She is talking about the scandalous advertisement very confidently and showing the positive aspects of condoms. She also told the media that she was wearing the full Shalwar Qameez in the advertisement, so why the people are raising her name as scandalous and controversial girl of Pakistan. You should also have a look on the Mathira Khan’s private video, which has been released to motivate the people of Pakistan towards the use of condom.

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