Mathira Khan Discussing her Vulgar Advertisement on Live TV

Mathira Khan has become the more controversial girl of Pakistan, as she has worked in a vulgar advertisement, in which she is promoting condoms. She is talking about her vulgar ad on Live TV Channels with Nida Yasir and Mani. She is taking it so easy that she has worked in a highly vulgar advertisement, which is running for the first time in Pakistan, and a Pakistani actress has worked for the first time in condom advertisement.


You can see the video that she is not feeling shame on her working in vulgar advertisement, which has been banned in Pakistan by the sensor board of Pakistan. She has been trapped in several scandalous videos and pictures in the last few years. She is roaming in the news headlines due to her vulgar acting in the condom advertisement, which has got banned in Pakistan, and it can’t be broadcasted on the live tv channels of Pakistan.

Have a look on the Mathira Khan’s vulgar advertisement video, which is a shameful act in Pakistan. Pakistani actress, model and singer Mathira Khan scandal video is roaming on the social media where a lot of people are criticizing her for her vulgar advertisement, but she is not ashamed, as she is talking in very positive way and discussing with Mani and Nida Yasir on Ramadan special show. Have a look on the vulgar advertisement or condom promoting video of Mathira Khan and write your comments.

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