Massage Center in Lahore, Express Team Baat se Baat exposed

several massage centers are working in posh areas of Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other cities. Express’s team “Baat Se Baat” has exposed a massage center in Lahore, which is not exactly a massage center, but a place of vulgarity or sex center.

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar of “Baat Se Baat” on express news has exposed the real faces of the people, who are running sex centers in the name of Massage Centers in Pakistan. One of these massage center was working in Punjab Society Lahore, which has been exposed by the team, who visited the massage center with police to show the reality behind the massage centers.


These are the places where people visited to meet their sexual desires, there is nothing for the improvement of health. Massage center is a trend came from European countries, where these centers are working since long. But in Pakistan, massage centers are not rare yet, as in some posh areas of every city, they exist.

Japanese, Russian and Chinese girls are used to work in these massage centers, which are exactly the sex centers. Here is the video of Express News “Baat Se Baat”, and you can clearly see that Chinese girls and Russian girls are working there, even a local Pakistan girl is also exposed in this video clip from Express News. The Pakistani women said that she was getting Rs. 1,000 daily for serving as massage girl.

Baat Se Baat has done a great job, and the massage center which are not exactly providing what they are saying have been exposed by the team of Express including Maria Zulfiqar. The police also found a bottle of alcohol and some other illegal things while searching the massage center, which is situated in Punjab Society, Lahore. It means it was actually the sex center, as so many illegal works were going on there.

The Pakistani government must take strict action against these massage centers, from where our youth is giving towards a wrong platform. These massage centers in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Multan are exactly the sex centers, which are providing the space and girls to the young persons to meet their sexual desires.

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