Marvi Sarmad’s Real Name reveales as Shazia Anwar

Pakistani scandalous columnist Marvi Sarmad’s real name has been revealed as Shazia Anwar. She was said to be a RAW agent, who was working for India against Pakistan. It is heard that Marvi Sarmia changed her name on the advice of Hindu numerologist, which have a strong impact on her social life.

Marvi Sarmad and Nusrat Javed caught drunk, when someone took their scandalous pictures in a private party. It is also heard that they have some good relationship. Marvi belongs to India, and has given several statements against Pakistan. Some people said that she is Anti-Pakistan agent from India, who was born in 1970. She completed her studies from Lahore, Pakistan.


According to some reports, Marvi Sarmad have been remained involved in making sexual relationships with journalists, government functionaries and so called politicians. She was also having a relations with Nusrat Javed. It is also heard that she is working as prostitute and supplies girls for sexual use to the government bodies and journalists to get advantage. She has been assigned a job to promote liberalism and secularism in Pakistan. She has also been caught in wine drinking scandal previously.

These days she is giving some worst comments against Pakistan on Twitter, which are being disliked by the Pakistani nation. Once an article was published at a local magazine, which was saying that she is a RAW agent and working against Pakistan.

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