Man found pure gold in the shape of whale vomit on beach

England: A man walking with his dog along the rough coastlines of Morcambe find the pure gold in the shape of whale vomit. On beach Ken Wilman and his dog both were walking when his dog sniffed something and came across the pure gold, which is believed to be worth over $180,000.

It was a pure gold in the shape of whale vomit found by the dog. The credit goes to the Wilman’s dog, who found the pure gold on a beach in England. When the dog saw a big stone, it started barking on it. Wilman came to the place and found the big stone pure gold.


The man told about the pure gold on Morcambe beach to the Channel 4 News, as it was a found by his dog. The whale vomit is an expensive product, which is almost used in perfumes. Ken Wilman is willing to sell the whale vomit found on the Morcambe beach, which is a pure gold in reality.

Whale vomit or pure gold is an expensive material, so a French dealer has offered him for 50,000 euros for the whale vomit. A curator of vertebrates from National Meseum of Scotland has also passed his comments upon the incident of finding the whale vomit. Andrew Kitchener said that it is an expensive material and it may be said as a base of perfumes. It is very hard to find the whale vomit as there is no artificial substitute available. With the passage of time, the material gives a nice smell.


Whale vomit has an expensive key ingredient i.e. ambergris. This is dispelled by sperm whales on regular basis on the shores of sea. Actually this is not a pure gold for whale, as it is a chemical which helps whales in digesting. When it comes from whale, means after excretion it become soft just like mud. After going through floating process in the sea as well as the mixture of salt and sun, it becomes hard like rock.

Whale-VomitAs the whale vomit is used in expensive perfumes, the perfume makers have found its substitute. The material is very rare, but still has a huge market instead of having its substitute in the market. The real thing is always real.

It is a great success for Wilman, and the lifeboat service in Morcambe has issued warning to potential treasure hunters against trying to replicate Wilman success. The Wilman has given a new thinking to the persons, who love to find treasures on the beach. The people sometimes remain busy in searching of ambergris on the beach. But as it is very rare substance, it is really hard to find real whale vomit.

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