Malika Sherawat receives threats of life over Dirty Politics

MUMBAI: Bollywod hot actress Malika Sherawat is receiving threats of life upon her bold role in Dirty Politics upcoming movie, a local news channel reported.

Dirty Politics is a bold movie, and the idea has been taken on the life of a health worker from Rajasthan. The lady worker is killed after being raped, and what the circumstances are made, have become the part of this movie and Malika Sherawat is playing a bold role of lady health worker in the movie Dirty Politics.


According to the latest Malika Sherawat Scandal, some people are threatening her for working in the Dirty Politics Movie. She is receiving several threats due to her bold scenes and role in the movie. But she has been playing bold roles in the movie as she always comes as a leading actress in the movie; therefore she is almost satisfied from her role, which is going to be more bold in the movie Dirty Politics.

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