Main Reasons – Why Not Copy Contents From Other’s Blogs

If you want to become a good pro-blogger, you should not copy contents from other blogs. You should keep in mind the quality not the quantity. If your work is original, its originality will give your benefit. The copied contents are strictly condemned worldwide, and discouraged highly. The copying the contents from other blogs only earn the temporary revenue or publicity and short time benefits, but whereas the permanent success is needed, you should have to enter quality contents in your posts. These are the shortcuts to boost your income. Every content over the web has copyrights, and you can’t copy the material from other posts. The blogging is a world famous business over the internet, and the new bloggers make this mistake and copy the contents from other blogs and websites, and when they see their site visitors are increasing, they are encouraged, but these visitors are temporary. These new bloggers do the copy paste work in their blogs. This practice is not discouraging or damaging the blogging business, but also giving a new bad name to the blogging business.


Today I am telling you the reasons why not copy contents from other’s blogs or websites.

Caught Red Handed by Readers

A lot of chances are there that you caught red handed by your readers. This will result you in negative, and your readers will curse you as well as your work, and they will go towards the original contents and posts leaving your copied contents. After that you will start loosing your traffic or visitors, so the copy contents will lead you towards a loss impacting your blog.


Short Term Benefits of Copy Contents

the copy contents from other sites will earn you a short term benefit. In the beginning you will really enjoy good with the fame and money you earn. But this fame and money is not everlasting. At last you will be defamed and be at the bottom of insult.

Loose Credibility by Copy Contents

When you are caught red handed, you will loose your trust and faith that has been developed by your readers through your content writing. Your readers are your assets, and the link between your readers and your blog is a emotional link. Both of them are emotionally attached to each other. When you caught in the case of copying contents you readers are disappointed and hurt. So finally it happens that they stop admiring your work and respecting you.

Your Blog Reflects Your Personality

As such it is a general rule that if you want to judge someone’s personality, you observe his daily routine and habits. There is also a wise saying that if you want to judge someone, do a long travel with him. Being involved in illegal activity, or piracy, you loose your personality or presents yourself in a poor way after being checked on copy contents.

Copy Contents will Loose Originality of Blog

If you are a professional blogger, you will have to put unique and quality contents in your blog, this will increase your credibility and daily visitors as well. But if you are involved in copy contents or pirated writing, you will loose the originality of your blog, and your daily visitors will also go down. The uniqueness of contents is the main reason of your popularity so you should put it up in your blog.

Search Engine Optimization & Copy Contents

The search engines are the main source of traffic for your blog, and the are too clever and have ability to observe that the work is genuine and original or copied. So if you are continuously copying contents from other sites and blogs, you will not be listed in the first few pages of the search engines. These search engines will rank your site down, which is not a good thing for your site, and it may be well in your knowledge what does a poor rank means?


Copy Contents According to the International Law

The copyrights act is working for the websites as international organization and counter the privacy policy. Most owners of the websites or blogs hire the services of DMCA a well reputed organization, which can sue someone who is involved in the piracy or copying contents from other sites. If you copy contents from other blogs, this will give you a low lank and your country a bad name, due to your bad working policy. So copy contents according to the international law are not profitable.


If you are wiring quality contents with your expertise and efforts, and someone copies contents from your site, you will never spare him at any cost. The best way for writing contents for your site is to write your own experience about the product or service. If you can’t do that write someone’s post in your own language, and never copy and paste the whole work. You can just take an idea from other blogs, and then open your new ways of thinking to write a quality article. Just go to a quality blog and copy the idea and then draw in in your own way to prevent the copy contents in your site.

About Zara Sheikh

I am a professional blogger and loves to write on current affairs, celebrity gossips, Hollywood, Bollywood, Politics and Fashion.


  1. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I absolutely loved every
    bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new things you post…

  2. I never suggest to copy the contents or piece of writing from the other blogs, while you should write the articles in your own language if you are running a blog for earning or publicity point of view. The copies contents can be harmful for your blog and reduce its ranking in the search engines.

  3. I am in fact thankful to the owner of this web site
    who has shared this fantastic post at here.

  4. The act is forbidden by the search engines at all.

  5. The search engines will consider your site as spam.

  6. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it

  7. These are a lot of reasons that you should always prevent from copying contents from other websites.

  8. The sites are copyrighted, so never copy the contents or articles.

  9. I shall start my own blog keeping in view your guideline.

  10. If you need some quality contents or articles for your site, so hire a good English writer to right for your site and blog.

  11. Where from one can easily hire a good English writer?

  12. There are a lot of sites like freelancer and odesk who offers to hire the services of writers.

  13. Or you can easily choose a good or best company for this purpose by searching over any search engine.

  14. There are a lot of companies who are offering the article writing services over the web.

  15. Always follow the copy contents rules to copy an article or newsletter from other website.

  16. Copied contents can never give you the traffic.

  17. It is the totally wrong policy if you are involved in the act of copy writing.

  18. If you need a good alexa ranking, you should avoid from copy contents.

  19. This is the main reason of being blacklist by google.

  20. For good ranking in the search engines, you should put quality contents on your page.

  21. Is there any software which can spin the article with superb quality?

  22. The use of article spinners will also put down your ranking in alexa as well as in other search engines.

  23. You can take the copy scape protection to save your own contents.

  24. How much it will cost to get this protection to save my contents from copy?

  25. You never need to use article spinner, just use your own self generated or written contents for your site of blog.

  26. When you use your own quality contents your traffic boosts up.

  27. Whereas the traffic of site is concerned, you will have to put the quality contents in your site to enable the search engine to index your site rapidly. If your blog is passing the quality information and contents you will see increasing trend in traffic.

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