Mahnoor Baloch Item Number Video from Main hon Shahid Afridi

Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch has done a hot item number video song in the movie ‘Main Hon Shahid Afridi’. She is wearing short skirts in the song, while Mathira Khan is also dancing in the same song. It is the very first movie as well as the item song of Mahnoor Baloch in the Pakistani movies.

Mahnoor Baloch is dancing with Humayun Saeed in the item song, as she is also playing the role of leading actress in the movie. It is also heard that after this project, Mahnoor Baloch with go for Hollywood Movie ‘Torn’. It is the good begining of Mahnoor towards Hollywood film industry.


Mahnoor Baloch hot and sexy pictures are also roaming over the social media or social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook, where people are sharing their views upon the Mahnoor Baloch hot photo shoot during the movie ‘Main Hon Shahid Afridi’. The movie has been released in Pakistan, and the HD Quality song is being awaited over the web.

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