Luxury Pineapple Bay Resort in Bulago Island

Luxury Pineapple Bay Resort in Bulago Island on Lake Victoria is a best traveling place, where you are welcomed by shimmering lake and quiet tranquility.

Within 6 Kms of stunning sandy beaches you can find the luxury resort in Bulago Island. It is 10km far from shoreline. Bulago Island on Lake Victoria is a beautiful paradise on earth, which is away from the hustle of urban life.

If you like to have a trip on Bulago Island, you must visit the Luxury Pineapple Bay Resort. You must include a day at the botanical gardens, spend your time in Tilapia fishing and sail on the lake. You must enjoy the natural walking there. The luxury Pineapple Bay Resort will give you an awesome backdrop in the heart of nature.




Luxury Pineapple resort in Uganda is offering the best and luxury services for the visitors or tourists. Victoria Lake is one of the largest lakes in Africa, and the shortline of the lake is made up of low cliffs and rocky outcrops. The lake’s shores are covered with trees and are highly fertile. The island is covered in the forests and a northeast tip of island is lost to a rainforest.

The island’s interior is less fertile and covered with savannah-like-grassland. The crocodiles and monitor lizards have been incorporated in the Uaganda Bulago Island. The people come on the Lake Victoria to see the luxury pineapple bay resort. The honeymoon trips also go there and lives in VIP cottages.

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