Lindsay Lohan steals cloths from Scary Movie 5 Set

According to a local news agency, Lindsay Lohan has stolen the clothes worth $15,000 from the movie set i.e. Scary Movie 5. She has not been arrested by the police being an accused in this case.

The 26-years old lady and Hollywood actress steal some nice dresses including tops and skirts from the set of Scary Movie 5 last month and according to MailOnline the set was inside the National Enquirer.

According to the newspaper sources the the Lindsay thought that she was entitled to it while stealing the cloths from the movie set in Atlanta.


But the most amazing this is the producers have put this issue down saying this is the price you had to pay for working with Lindsay Lohan, while all the actors and celebrities know about it.

The newspaper added that the people were unhappy taking the issue of wardrobe or clothes, but the producers decided at the end of day to leave the matter as it was difficult to find the real culprit and getting back the clothes from Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay is working for Hollywood from earlier days of her life as she has started work in a short age. She has a huge fan club who admire her as a Hollywood actress, but this time she has herself made a scandal by involving in stealing clothes from the movie set.

The Lindsay’s spokesman i.e. Steve Honing told the MailOnline and other media persons ‘This is pure National Enquirer fiction.’ The Scary Movie 5 has set to be release next year, where Lindsay will be seen in action.

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