Lindsay Lohan lips plastic surgery – is it normal?

Lindsay Lohan exposed on a Fashion week last night in charming dress, where her lips plastic surgery was also exposed. Lindsay’s lips are not small but looking small, is it normal? I do not think so.

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan may have gone through the Lips plastic surgery to give a new shape and look to her face. In these pictures, you can observe the different of her lips before and after surgery. But do not take it serious, it may be an affect of makeup.

Most of the celebrities go through the plastic surgery of their face or different parts of face like nose, forehead,  and chicks. Lindsay seems to have gone through the lips surgery, as it can be observed from these pictures. You can also have a look on the several Hollywood celebrities’ pictures before and after the plastic surgery treatment.

Lohan didn’t show up in ridiculous fashion, as she has her won exalted standards of couture. Lindsay in the white hood is looking charming and hot, but it is totally hard to take her serious in this beautiful white color hood.



Mohammed Al Turki, a famous Saudi executive producer on Arbitrage has been showing the the 45 years old actress since long or from when she was only 25 years of age. According to a US news channel, he is one of the Lindsay Lohan’s high priced escort clients.

Lindsay Lohan is a famous personality of Hollywood, but she has been accused of stealing cloths and other things from the movie sets. The Lindsay stole the cloths from Scary movie  and one she stole the Elizabeth taylor’s bracelet.

She has remained in scandals for a long time, and losing her repute among the audience and her fans. It seems that it may be a new rumor or weird news about Lindsay Lohan that she has gone through a Lips Plastic Surgery.

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