Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has again accused of stealing bracelet of Elizabeth Taylor’s nurse. But she returned it later. Thefts cases are attaching again and again with Lindsay Lohan since past few months.

Sources close to actress told Gossip Cop that the reality behind the theft case of Lindsay Lohan, in which she was accused of stealing Taylor’s jewelry on the recording set of “Liz & Dick”. According to the sources, the news is not absolutely true.

Sources told that during the recording of “Liz & Dick”, Lindsay Lohan became a very close friend of Elizabeth Taylor’s nurse. While shooting it was revealed that the Elizabeth had given a very costly and expensive set of jewelry that was her bracelet to her nurse, who was pleased to receive like this expensive set of jewelry.


While shooting, Lindsay Lohan fell in love with the jewelry set and the bracelet became unavailable for some time. The incident took place on the same day when Lindsay visited the house of nurse, where the bracelet way lying. When she claimed about the lost bracelet, Lindsay denied for the theft of her bracelet. But the nurse was not the beleiver because Lindsay had been involved in several theft cases.

Previously Lindsay Lohan stole cloths from the set of Scary Movie 5, therefore the nurse was not beleiving her statement, as she was not satisfied. When she blamed Lindsay for the theft of her bracelet, she swore that she had not stolen the jewelry, and the bracelet was not in her possession.

She was also guilty in stealing a necklace in July 2011, and in this case, she was jailed for 120 days and lived in prison. This time, Lindsay Lohan didn’t took the risk and returned the bracelet after receiving a threat of calling cops from the Taylor’s nurse. The people closed to the Lindsay Lohan returned the stolen bracelet to the nurse preventing the actress (Lindsay Lohan) for going in jail again for a theft case.

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