Linda Hogan Arrested by Police For Drunk Driving

As Hulk Hogan is facing the charge of sex tape release, his ex-wife Linda Hogan is arrested for driving during having alcohol. The Hulk Hogan in his case of sex tape received oral pleasure. It may be a scandal or rumor to disgrace the WWE champion. But whereas the case of his ex-wife is concerned, she underwent a non-pleasurable experience few days ago, when she was suspected to be drunk during driving.



According to the TMZ, the police pulled over the Hogan’s wife Linda Hogan around 1:30AM in Malibu, when she was driving her car more than the limited speed. She was then arrested and taken to the nearby police station, but released after some hours on a bail of $5,000.

The representative of ex-wife i.e. Linda Hogan claims that she was on her way from the party, where she only had one glass of champagne. But she was with empty stomach and taking antibiotics that obviously increase the effects of alcohol naturally, therefore she was a little bit unconscious while driving. Hulk Hogan is speechless over the incident.

The Linda Hogan is the ex-wife of Hulk Hogan, who is the WWE super star. The Linda is 53 years old, who as arrested by police few days ago on the charge of drunk driving. She is 5’7″ tall and her weight is 160 pounds.

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  1. Drunk Driving is forbidden by law, so why she was driving, while she was drunk? it is the wrong doing of Linda, so she has faced the music in police station.

  2. Its totally wrong to drive the car while you are drunk.

  3. Drunk driving in banned in European countries.

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