Latest Rickshaw in Pakistan “Call A Rick”

A Latest Rickshaw service has been introduced in Pakistan. The company “Call A Rick” has introduced this new Rickshaw in Pakistan, that you can ride with style. If you have got tired standing in the blazing sun, bargaining with rickshaw driver for only 10 or 20 rupees, don’t worry, Call-a-Rick is here to save you from these tensions and your precious time. This rickshaw charge only Rs. 10 per Kilometer and is well decorated and well decked with headphone, and also has a television in it to make your journey more pleasant. This is a new invention in Pakistan, that everyone can enjoy the low cost journey with enjoyable environment. Take a look on the video.

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  1. yep really like what youve done here

  2. I like this short article quite much, wish you can compose more about this.

  3. Hey, quite wonderful service of rickshaw. When these rickshaw with CNG kits will come up on the roads?

  4. I’ve been reading this blog for the superior when. Keep up the brilliant job you are doing here.

  5. Thanks for such a fantastic blog. Where else could anyone get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a presentation that I am presently working on, and that i have been on the seem out for such information
    I would like to see more posts similar to this.

  6. Nice CNG rickshaw design has been introduced. The rickshaw drivers will also prevent from bargaining, if government implement some rules and regulation regarding the travel in rickshaw.

  7. Like this rickshaw service must be implemented in the Pakistan, and government should make policies and rules for the charges of per kilometer. Whenever a traveler want to go at some place, he will be able to sit in the rickshaw without starting bargaining. This new service then would be beneficial for the nation.

  8. By this services, the ladies can go anywhere on the rickshaw.

  9. I just handed this website over to a friend who loves this stuff. Well composed and interesting, keep maintaining the good work. More pictures are always nice! The content is great, thanks again. Ok time to get back to the beach!

  10. Its a good effort of Pakistani government or Punjab Chief Minister.

  11. This is a good amendment in rickshaw services in Pakistan.

  12. The company who has launched the service “Call a Rick” will earn a huge profit.

  13. It is an economic rickshaw service, but it is not seen in Lahore yet.

  14. It will bring a change in the transportation of Pakistan.

  15. One thing is really nice that it will reduce the bargaining.

  16. This service should be started soon.

  17. Superb service has been started by someone keeping in view the cheap rickshaw situation in Lahore.

  18. it will also end the monopoly.

  19. I have not seen any call a rick yet in lahore.

  20. Please call a rick for me.

  21. This is a unique rickshaw service, which is taking place in Punjab, Pakistan.

  22. Is it the private or government project?

  23. As the Banks are giving rickshaws on load or installment basis, it has become a trend in Pakistan that if you are uneducated and want to do something, you go to a bank and buy a rickshaw on installment. A huge number of rickshaws are coming on the road day by day. But this service looks to be unique and people will love to travel without bargaining.

  24. Have you ever use this transport for traveling?

  25. It is the rare service in Pakistan, which have been introduced only in Lahore, not in Karachi and Islamabad.

  26. It will not be introduced in Islamabad, as there is no trend of rickshaws in the city.

  27. The people are tired to bargain with the rickshaw drivers.

  28. This rickshaw scheme will be better for girls.

  29. Call a rick will make a change in transportation situation of Pakistan.

  30. This type of rickshaw service should be started by the government on huge setup.

  31. Its also a good slogan or company name “Call a Rick”.

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