Latest Designs of Fake Eyelash Jewelry by Natalie Russo – Eyelash Art

These latest designs of fake eyelashes are known are eyelash jewelry by Natalie Russo, Etsy Trends. The eyelash art is becoming more famous with the passage of time in the world. Hand-weaving tiny glass beads and ultra thin wire made this jewelry more beautiful and comfortable.

The best thing is this jewelry can be used on any eye size, as it can be moved in any shape according to the eye. Applying fake eyelashes or eyelash jewelry is not so much difficult, as you can simply bend jewelry according to the shape of eye and apply a very thin layer of a good adhesive on eyes, after that you just need to press and your eyelashes are ready.

This is a false handmade eyelash art, which will be liked by the girls almost, as they use them on their eyes to become unique and more prettier. The seeds used in this jewelry are of Japanese Toho brand, which is a famous one brand of Japan. These unique designs presented by Natalie Russo are making a new trend of eyelash jewelry. These designs are superb and can be used easily on your eyelashes. Some of the false eyelash jewelry designs are containing the 2mm Swarovski crystal and real gemstone beads.














The wire used in these latest eyelash jewelry designs is of copper, which is light weight and doesn’t harm your eyes. If you are facing any problem while applying fake eyelashes, then you must choose the right one from here above that can suit your eyes. Natalie Russo has presented the jewelry at Etsy Trends, and people are purchasing this jewelry of a new kind. You also have different choice in the eyelash jewelry, which you can choose according to your taste. Just pass your comments upon the latest and best eyelash jewelry designs.

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