Largest picture mosaic – Pakistan youth makes another world record

Lahore: Pakistani youth made another world record of largest picture mosaic, when 1,936 students gathered in National Stadium making a picture mosaic of Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort).

Pakistani youth or students broke the 3 previous record simoltaniously, which were recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The representative of Guinness World Records was also present there for see the breaking of previous world records.


As Punjab Youth festival is going on at National Stadium of Hockey in Lahore city, the youth is breaking the world records one by one and showing the unity and love for the Pakistani nation by working in huge gathering. The previous record of largest picture mosaic made by the Ansley McEyoy and her family and friends in South Carolina, USA has been broken by the Pakistani or Punjab Youth, where student are at their best. Beside this the other two previous world records have also been broken by the students by making the new, which are as following.

  1. 70,000 people sing the Pakistani national anthem.
  2. The largest human flag made by Pakistani students.

Pakistan has come in the eye of world by breaking the world records in Punjab Youth Festival, where Pakistani students are in action and showing the spirit. It was an amazing world record where most of the people were singing the Pakistani national anthem in a huge gathering with one voice, and the largest picture mosaic was another amazing one.

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  1. Pakistani youth has showed the world the Power of Muslims, when they get united.

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