Lahore Girls Hostel Scandals – Girls Taking Drugs in Parties

dance-parties-and-Lahore-GirlsLahore Girls Hostels have now become the place of freedom for the girls. A few months ago a girl was found dead on the Zafar Ali Road, and after tracing the finger prints from NADRA, it was known that the girl was from Jhang city and after having quarrel with her family living in Lahore Girls Hostel. Where she was doing a job in a company, and had an affair with a boy named Shamas. The girl Samar Wasti was murdered by her boyfriend Shamas, who later done suicide.


Attitude of Lahore Girls

The attitude of the girls has been changing with the passage of time. As it is the age of freedom, the girls are also finding freedom from their families. They choose girls hostels as their destination to live without their families and try to do anything they want. The attitude is being changed, the girls are out of veils now, and this is called the modern age. The girls are now willing to work in showbiz, even these are the girls from the reputable families, and they are not thinking about their family background. The published their pictures in magazines, internet, and different places for publicity. They never think about their parents what they want them to do. Most of the girl leave their homes after having quarrel with their family members on the issue of freedom.

Lahore Girls in Dance Parties

There is a trend of dance parties in Lahore city, where girls are also invited, and they go side by side with the boys in every field. In these dance parties the girls use weird and worst dresses to attract the boys towards them. These are the girls who are involved in illegal activities and illicit relations with the boys. In these parties, they use drugs especially alcoholic drinks. These dance parties specially held in the posh area of Lahore, where girls feel safe enjoying the parties. They dance and take drugs even make sexual relations with boys, while their families think that their girls are working hard for their studies. But these girls are totally deceiving their parents.

Use of Drugs & Lahore Girls

The use of drugs in Lahore Girls hostels is increasing. The girls keep hash in their bags for emergent use. The has is one of the most used drugs in colleges and universities. Where student feel free and no fear having drugs with them. As the use of drugs is prohibited in Pakistan, but these Lahore Girls are so much brave, who take drugs in open places.

These all above things are being happened in private hostels of Lahore, where no restriction is imposed on girls for going out. The girls lives there for enjoyment, and spend nights out of the hostels with their boyfriends, and take drugs. This practice is not in vogue in the government girls hostel. If we need the bright future of Pakistani girls, then we should take some measures to reduce this practice and specially the Lahore Girls hostel should be checked thoroughly.


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  1. Its a trend of Lahore that they uses drugs in the dance parties.

  2. The history of Girls hostel is full of scandals, where girls live to have fun with the guys and other girls. It is also one of these cases that they invite their boyfriends in nights to enjoy in the bed.

  3. Girls hostels have become the right place for girls who want to be involved in scandals. The girls from the hostels goes in the dance parties where they drink and enjoy the nights with their boyfriends. So parents should avoid to send their girls to the hostels for the study purpose.

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